The SET School

Promoting Education as a Human Right

Saran Educational Trust (SET) was founded in 1998 by a group of philanthropists with the aim of establishing a network of not-for-profit schools in Karachi to provide quality education to children whose parents have limited resources.

The SET School was established as the first project of Saran Educational Trust (SET). Starting with eight students in 1998, the school is now spread over two campuses catering to more than 800 students.

The SET school is affiliated with the following:

  • The Institute for Educational Development; Aga Khan University (IED-AKU);
  • Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT);
  • Human Rights Education Programme (HREP);
  • Teachers Development Centre (TDC);

The SET School believes in the holistic education of students. The following facilities are offered.

Library: The library has a large volume of 30,000 age-friendly books, magazines and periodicals that students read and borrow for a specific period of time. Each campus has an individual library facility.

Science lab: There is a science lab that facilitates all biology, chemistry and physics students. Students carry out practicals in order to develop clear understanding of science concepts.

Art room: There are art rooms in the pre-school campus and the North East campus with a qualified art teacher for children.